English Step by Step


English Step by Step was created to teach English to speakers of other languages.  What began as a tutoring system has now developed into a live online program that enables learners to choose the date and time of their classes without leaving the comfort of thier own home. Each class is selected and paid for individually. Classes will begin soon in January 2018!

Class Objectives: 

In every lesson, English learners will be able to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the English language. 

Current Classes

The following are the current classes available: 

Tuesday 6-7 pm / Pacific Time Zone-California

Thursday 6-7 pm/ Pacific Time Zone-California

Saturday 2-3 pm/ Pacific Time Zone-California

More classes will open upon need and demand!


Follow the link and it will take you to webex training. There you will register for each individual class that you would like to take.  The payment for each class is $10 and will be set at a maximum of 20 students to guarantee that all students benefit from instruction. The website is a secure form of payment that takes credit cards and paypal. 




At the current moment, there is not an active link since classes will begin in January 2018. 

Have Fun Learning English!